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Semester B Assessments

Our project in the Structural unit is to create a balsa wood model of a bridge you designed. You may choose to do the same design as yoru Westpoint bridge, however they may be too complex for you to buil da model of. You will have to choose if you want to use your westpoint design or creat ea new design. Once you decide to use your existing design or create a nrew one you will have to sketch it in Inventor. You are only sketching one side of the bridge you do not have to do the top or bottom. See image below. There are some constraints to your design.


  • Must be exactly 10" (Will span 8")
  • Must not use more than 4 - 36" long 1/8" x 1/8" balsa sticks
  • Must have and open center to accomodate load test machiene.


Make sure your design is symetrical, and that all measurements are correct including angles. Remember that you will be building this.

 Inventor Bridge Frame Sketch


To make it easier to visualize you may extrude it.

Inventor Bridge Frame


Once your design is compleated you will create a 3 view drawing that will be used as your template. Make sure you put any and all dimensions of this to make it easer for you to construct. This three view will be done an "A" size sheet of paper and the scale needs to be 1:1. This will allow us to print this out on the printer and use the printout as a template for you to build on top of.

Inventor Bridge 3view

20170525 091452



balsa bridge test



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