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Semester B Assessments

Assignment Directions:

 You are a travel agent planning a travel itinerary doc (Word doc) or rtf (rtf) for a oneweek round-trip, door-to-door vacation for a family of four to a location of your choice. The family has two adults and two children; one aged 15 years and the other aged 10 years. While on this trip you will plan an outing somewhere that includes all four members of the family. Use a travel web site such as Travelocity, Priceline or Orbitz to price the various costs for travel to and from your destination. During the vacation, the family must use all four available methods of transportation - Car, Rail, Air, and Sea. When planing your trip you may choose any dates available.

Your task is to create a travel itinerary doc (Word) that details the round-trip travel time for the family, one family outing, as well as the estimated cost of the vacation including food, and gas (if a rental car is used), and miscellaneous expenses. You will also be required to calculate the total travel time round trip. This means the total time spent traveling in all 4 methods of transportation. The actual vacation or activities do not count. Only the time spent in the car, plane, train etc....

For example, you will most likely drive in a car to a train station to possibly take a train. Then you could take the train across the country to San Francisco, CA where you could take a flight to Honolulu. You could rent a car and check into a hotel or rental house where you will stay during your vacation. Next you could charter a boat cruise "get away" around the island. When the family's vacation is over, their travel itinerary will return the family using the same modes of transportation they used to get to get there. To see an example itinerary for this trip, see the example links below at the end below.

Criteria and Constraints:

  • The travel itinerary is for a family of four to Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • There are two adults and two children in the family.
  • The children are aged 15 and 10 years.
  • The family will depart from their home and arrive back at their home two weeks later.
  • You must include 3 of the 4 modes of transportation.
  • The travel itinerary will include an outing somewhere within the islands or the state of Hawaii where all four family members can attend/participate.
  • The travel itinerary will outline the following items.
  • Transportation costs to the hotel or rental home and from the hotel or rental home back to the home address.
  • Accommodation costs in the hotel
  • Do Not apply special offers such as AAA or military discounts.
  • If the itinerary calls for a car rental, estimate one tank of regular gasoline per week when calculating the vacation cost.
  • Include as estimated $150 per day for food and dining out during the vacation.
  • Add $100 per day for miscellaneous expenses.


Project Guidelines:

Travel Itinerary Research vacation plans online and develop you own Travel Itinerary. Your itinerary should include the following:

  • The total cost of your vacation broken down by category
    1. Car Rental
    2. Rail Cost
    3. Air Cost
    4. Sea Cost
    5. Food
    6. Miscellaneous
  • The total round-trip travel time for the family.
    1. Car Travel Time
    2. Rail Travel Time
    3. Air Travel Time
    4. Sea Travel Time
    5. The name of the hotel or house rental where the family stayed.
    6. Give lots of detail to describe the amenities that come with the hotel or rental home. If possible, provide a link to the hotel or house rental web site.
    7. Describe the family outing you planned.
    8. Be sure to give lots of details about the outing. If possible, provide a link to the web site for the outing.

See below for a link to a blank travel itinerary template.



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