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Semester B Assessments

In this activity you will be using systems thinking to run and optomize a nuclear power plant. You will be making adjuctments to the inputs based on the feedback that the system guages provide you. Your objective is to produce the most amount of electrical power that you can in the 30 day simulation, thus making the most money. To do this you must carefully run the the system or power plant. If you abuse it by running it too hot, components will be damaged and the system will not produce as much power as its capable of.

As you make adjustments to the inputs keep in mind that th eoutputs are slightly delayed. This means when you make a chaneg the impact of that change may not be reflected or impact the system the next day. It make take 3 days for a change to fully impact the system.

Link To Nuclear Simulation Game


  • Control Rod position
  • Emergency Collant Flow
  • Primary Coolant Flow
  • Secondary Coolant Flow


  • Converting Nuclear Fuel to Thermal Energy
  • Boiling water to produce steam
  • Convert thermal energy to mechanical (Turning a tubine)
  • Convert mechanical energy to electrical (Turning a generator)


  • Heat
  • Electrical Energy
  • Nuclear Waste

General Tips

  1. When fuel rods are at 100%, that means the fuel rods are out and the reaction will produce maximum heat.
  2. Do not use emergency coolant unless its really and emergency. (Red Gauges)
  3. Primary coolant cools the reactor and heats up the exchanger.
  4. Secondary coolant cools the excanger and makes the generator work harder which produces mor eelectricity.
  5. Remember any adjustments will have a delayed output.
  6. As days go by more and more fuel is used so the fuel rod need to be taken out more and more. (Closer to 100%)
  7. Never let temperatuures go into the yellow or red.

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