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Semester B Assessments

Period 1 - 

Your assignment is to begin the process of using the fram generator in Inventor to design a life size bridge. Use your westpoint bridge design for inspiration but it does not have to be the same. The requirements of the bridge are listed below. On Wednesday I will review a few different ways of doign this. I will also show you how you can begin to use 3D sketches to design the bridge. 

All Bridges must be exactly 6 feet long. No longer or shorter. 

Maximum width = 24" 

Minimum Width = 18"

Maximum Height = 24" 


 Periods 2, 6, 7, 8

Yoru First Assignment is to First complete the Core technology Quiz Located here Remember to Log in to access this. After you have completed the quiz, choose one of the logic puzzels, or if you are missing work complete your missing work. Yo umust do one or the other you may not do nothing. AT the end of the period turn in either the puzzle or the missing work. 

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