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Semester B Assessments

FOT - Periods 1,7,8

Today you will be starting to learn the westpoint bridge design software. We will be using this for our project next week so you will spend Thursday and Friday of this week getting familiar with it.When I return I will go over the details of the program so you can design a bridge thaty is the most efficient and thus the least expensive. For today and tomorrow your task is to design and build a bridge that successfully passes the load test in the program, this means that the truck can drive accross. Pay close attention to the price of the bridge since this will be important next week. Try to get the bridge as cheap as possible while still passing the test. When you have the designed the cheapest bridge you can that still passes the test, then print out the design and turn it in to the sub. When I return nxt week and explain the program, you will redesign a bridge and compare it to the design you make today and tomorrow. To use the program follow the direction in the document liked below.




ADA + ATA Classes - Periods 2,6

Today these classes will be watching a documentary on electricity. Located Here

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